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E cigs?

Hi, I was wanting to know if e cigs were aloud in the hotel rooms, and out in the open. I know there is no smoking permitted, but yeah, this is an e cig so I was just curious haha. I am obviously asking because I have one, and I was just wondering if I were aloud to use it or not, and when and where. It has no nicotine and smells like cupcake/vanilla.

Hello there Naturewolf3,
I just spoke with the front desk of the hotel and they informed me that electronic cigarette usage is permitted within the hotel rooms and in public areas. As always we just ask that you be respectful of others when using and electronic cigarettes in public spaces.

Ah! Thank you so much! And yes of course- I wouldn't want someone blowing it in my face or something disrespectful. (I actually am probablly only going to use it in the room) XD But thanks again!

Just a heads-up warning that these suckers do set off fire alarms! Best to not use them in confined spaces (like, elevator sized -- small hallways/walkways/whatever) and definitely not elevators. I have had to key operate the elevator at work because more than one person decided they would sneak a puff in the elevator. Hospital has zero tolerance for anything tobacco/nicotine related. Even patches/gums/chewing! Yikes!

But yeah, they can do some wonky stuff, and more than likely the people you're stuck in said elevators/confined spaces with won't be too keen on said e-cigs.

Thanks for letting me know! I didn't know they set of fire alarms ^.^ I won't and wouldn't be doing it in an elevator anyways, or a bathroom or anything like that, considering it could go in someone's face. I will most likely only be using it in the hotel room or outside-