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First time going to a Convention- hotel question

i was wondering if anyone knew how checking into the hotel works?? I'm 18 but i currently dont have a credit card and my mom was going to book the hotel for me. BUT i wasnt sure if the person who's name was on the credit card is the person who needs to be there when i'm actually there in the hotel trying to get in. Sorry if this sounds confusing, if need be i can try to explain it differently XD Thanks!

This is confusing to answer as well, so no worries! If you have a debit card with your bank you can use that as well, but we usually don't recommend that since the hotel will place a hold onto your card, preventing you from using it for daily purchases. But if your mother is the one paying for your room, then she could put her credit card down as the guarantee and go there in person with you to check you in. As long as the hotel receives their money, they'll be happy. lol Or what I usually do is put a credit card down, but pay the room balance with Cash. It's always the surefire way to pay the bill, and not owe anything after you check out. But you can also find more information under the hotel tab on the menu. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask!