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First Timer Attending Megaplex

Hi all! I'll be attending to Megaplex soon. This will be my first experience entering a fur con. I have some question which may sound silly but I'd appreciate if you can help me out. I have already registered my username to this site, to attend Megaplex, do I need to purchase a badge or a ticket that allows me to enter the con? In regards to hotel booking, in your honest opinion what would be the best route for me to get a good deal on a room whether it is within the same hotel that the con is taking place or outside the con holding area but within a walking distance at an affordable rate. Thanks.

Glad you hear you're interested in checking out Megaplex! Let me answer your questions for ya :)

1). do I need to purchase a badge or a ticket that allows me to enter the con?
Yes, you will need to register through the con store (or you can click on the register link on the side bar, and then click on the "Registration status: Now Open! Click here to pre-register." link to begin the pre-registration process! You can also wait and pay for registration at the door when you arrive at the con, but by pre-registering, you can save a few dollars AND also get your personalized icon on your convention badge :)

2).what would be the best route for me to get a good deal on a room whether it is within the same hotel that the con is taking place or outside the con holding area but within a walking distance at an affordable rate?
If looking for a hotel room, the con site hotel (The Airport Mariott) has a convention rate of $109 a night specifically for the con. You can access their booking system by clicking on the hotel link in the side bar, and then clicking the "Book online for our special group rate of $109/night." link on the page to access Marriott's booking system. They don't charge your card immediately (in case you're worried about funds) and will charge (a single night) only if you cancel or once you check into the hotel. You can also check the hotel link in the side bar for more information about other hotels in the area and can check their rates as well, but the only one with the special convention rate is the Marriott.

Hope this helps and can't wait to see ya at Megaplex! ^^

Wow! That was mighty fast of you for the reply. I really appreciate it! :D I just saw the links you referred me too and saw that there are various price badges for the pre-registration. There is one that caught my eyes and that is 'Hospitality Lounge Access'. I am going to assume here but I am sure that something like happened in 2014. What does the "Hospitality Lounge Access" provides? Is it worth it? In regards to the hotel price, $109 dollars at the Marriot is not a bad deal! But it would be great if there is a way that I could share the room price with someone and pay half of the amount.

The Hospitality Lounge is a special room on the top floor that requires a Sponsor or above level admission and contains multiple forms of foods and entertainment made available for free for patrons who have access. Hot foods, sandwiches, drinks, candy, you name it - the hospitality lounge usually has it :) In the past it's been worth it, especially if you end up short on funds (like spending all your money in the dealer's den XD), you'll always have a place where you can get something to eat.

In regards to the hotel, you can easily share the room with up to 3 others at no additional cost - you just have the others in your room either pay you or go with you to the hotel front desk when you go to pay and they can pay their part of the cost right there :)

Just wanted to say 'Thanks' you talked me into getting the $85 dollar sponsor card. Since this is my first furry con, hopefully it will be a memorable experience. Now the only question remains is how am I going to find people to share a room with and with whom.

Hello DarkWolf80s,

There are a few ways to find people who want to room share. You can post under Room Share in our forums - .
On twitter you can announce you are looking for a room and tag @MegaplexCon or use the #hashtag MPlex15
On Facebook you can leave a shout on our page so others can see -
and lastly, you can post a shout on our Fur Affinity page -

I hope that helps some and I will see you at Megaplex. Which will you choose? Cop or Robber :)


Sorry for the late reply Amythest! Been really busy with my personal animation art project. Finally got that thing out of the way to start a new one.

Those are some fine tips! I've recently registered to Furaffinity as Macgyverwolf. It's a shared account with one of my best buds. I really haven't completed a whole year yet and still getting my way around the whole lingo and what not. But I can be easily reached via twitter with the same username that I am using over here for Megaplexcon.

Regarding the cops and robber, you lost me there! LOL!

Hi DarkWolf,

So happy that you'll be making it to Megaplex and that it'll be your first con. It's a great con. :)

Cops and robbers is the theme of the con this year. So, most furries will be choosing whether or not they want to be a cop or robber. Maybe both! Enjoy! See you there!


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