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The "Introduction" Thread!

Welcome! This is your opportunity to say hello and introduce yourself and to welcome others to the forums. How far do you travel to Megaplex? Is this your first time going...or your 15th? What are you most excited to see or do at the convention?

I'll start: I'm Skippy, I hail from Atlanta, Georgia, and I've been attending Megaplex since way back in 2004. During the con I'll be spending much of my time helping from behind the information desk near registration. I'm really looking forward to seeing familiar faces at Megaplex next year, and equally excited to see new ones. :)

Hello Crimson. I'm so happy you had fun last year. Wow, it was your first furry convention to, I wish I had known then so I could give you a big hug.
This year is going to be a BLAST. The theme of cops & robbers is so cute, and the Guests of Honor are amazing. If I see you, I will make sure to stop and say hello.
If you need anything or have any questions, please don't hesitate to tell me. I will be the short woman, with long brown hair in the orange Megaplex shirt. **waves**

Hi there!

I'll totally make sure to say hi! I'm glad you enjoyed the previous cons, I was pretty much the same way at the end of it. Can't wait for 2016, which I know will be even awesome!

Hello y'all, i'm Yena and I plan to suit Megaplex as well as a number of other cons this year.
FWA will be my first con, then FurryCon and then Megaplex!
I'm not shy, i'm loud, crazy and I love to run around and have a hell of a time.
Yena is a villain, but he's a nice one, lol, please don't let him scare ya, join him in causing havoc.
I look forward to meeting new friends, introduce yourself and get ready to have fun ^"^

Hello Yena Hyena. My name is Amythest. It is always nice to meet new furs coming to Megaplex. If you have any questions, please let me know.
Since Yena is a villain, does that mean you are going to be a robber :)

I am Soji the Lijicin ^^ This will *hopefully* be my first time going to Megaplex! I am still working on my first fursuit so it may not be the greatest cx. I really don't know what else to say other that i cannot wait for July 31st to roll around :D

Hello Soji the Lijicin. YAY! another new fur. You will love Megaplex, it is a nice introduction convention and everyone is very friendly and helpful. I am sure your suit will be perfect. You know why? Because YOU made it :)
Have you decided which side you are choosing for the theme? Cop or Robber :)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Hi, I'm KJBat I'm an artist and I live in Orlando FL, I went to my First Megaplax last year and loved it. and I'll be attending this years con as well.

Hello, I'm Breakr, I'm from Warner Robins Georgia and megaplex will be my first con! I'm super excited to go and hopefully make some awesome friends! I plan on going with my mate (who I'll be meeting for the first time in person) and hope that we can have a wonderful time!!

Well I'm not too good at these, and being on a limiting text wise PS3 doesn't help either, but here goes nothing.

I'm Godzilla, and I'm originally a MOFur, but hope to be in Jacksonville with a duo of furs by the time Megaplex starts. I am an aspiring anthro novelist with 42 characters I avidly RP with, and am working on a 43rd. This will be my first time to Megaplex and any convention. I was inspired to make my first con Megaplex because of a Godzilla fursuiter whom I'm friends with on FA. If you want to know more, I'd highly suggest EMail'ing me as I check it often, but by no means am I declining questions here.

Hello everyone my name is Austin otherwise known by my fursona's name Zap. He is a White Tip Reef Shark! I am rather new to the furry community, so I look forward to going to my first ever furry convention with a great friend of mine who also wants to become a cool furry! Driving all the way up from Miami and look forward to meeting tons of new people <3. If you really want to know about me I am a 19 year old college student majoring in Marine Biology studying Cnidarian Morphology, I scuba dive on occasion, love swimming with sharks, I am pretty crazy. I currently have no job outside of removing venomous snakes from people's yards and moving them elsewhere XD. I am a pretty boring fellow, I also try to do a little acting, still making progress though!

Hiya zap!

I hope you have a great time at Megaplex this year :3 since I saw you scuba dive in occasion, you may wanna check out the Scuba Furs panel at the con this year! The schedule will be up closer to the con dates! Take care and see ya there ^^


I will totally hit up that panel!

I'm Arctica, the Arctic/Maned wolf! I come from Edgewater Florida, And this will be my first time attending Megaplex, along with being my first convention. I'll be auditioning for the dance comp, you might see me there! I will also be attending for all three days, along with staying in the hotel for both nights. You can also find me at the raves/dances they will have for everybody, I will be in the fursuit parade as well and generally everything, I'll be with my best friend whom I'm picking up from the airport who made my suit! So excited! And I actually just got enough money to pre-register last night! I also might be the dumb dog with a selfie stick, and I'm really short XD Since you'll probably never spot me without my suit on besides a couple breaks and in the headless lounge, and along with the pool desert outing thingy X) But I'm only 5 feet tall without my suit, and with suit i'm 5'6 XD I'll probably be taller by then! Okay I'll stop my rambling now XD Nice trying out the forums for once!

I'm Sarah (AKA: Orangetabby106 on FA).

This will be my first time at Megaplex (or any furry convention), and I am SO excited (even though it's still months away). I am most excited for the fursuit parade, because I will be bringing my fursuit: Sarah Kitty. c: I am also excited to (hopefully) meet some friends/people I admire from the internet as well. :D

Oh! And I'm from good ol' Bradenton.

Name says it all i am the badrabbit from tip to no really just a regular guy in tampa fl who has enjoyed fur art work online for many years i have a good job,nice house,friends,family and bills.Never been to any fur anything before but this looks like fun and i am really going to try and go.looking forward to meeting lots of fun new people and having a fur time.

I guess I'll introduce myself as well. I'm Shadow, I Hail from Venice, Florida, and this years Megaplex will be my first Con EVER! lol I hope to meet lots of new people and friends at Megaplex 2015. Even though I don't have a Fursuit I still am so excited to go take part in all the Furry Activities^^ I cant wait to see everyone there this year, cause I most definitely will be!!! WoooHoo!!

Hello all! I'm Bloobewwy Bunny. I'm from good ole' Cleveland, Ohio. :)

I've heard lots of Megaplex and have wanted to go, but now that a good friend of mine has invited me to go along I definitely will attend this year. It will also be my first time in Florida!

Been to MFF twice *2012, 2014*, MCFC *2015*and IFC *2012*. I'm very excited to attend this con, and hope to meet other new friendly furs in this journey. :3

I'mma Dawny! This will be my frist megaplex and I'll be coming on my own from Ocala. It's my second convention and I hope it's lots of fun! I'd love to meet up with people!

I'm Nikolai, but my fursona's Viktor, a spotted hyena, who's nothing, but a down and dirty, punk rocking merc. I will be driving from Shreveport, Louisiana, and this will be my fourth time. Been going since 2011, but I missed 2013 due to tech school.

Hello, I'm Shane LaFleur :) I hail from Canton, Massachusetts (just south of Boston). I've been attending furry conventions since 2006 when I first made an appearance at AC. Since then I've been to Rocket City FurMeet (2007, '08, '09, '10, '11 and '12), Memphit FurMeet (2008) and Furry Weekend Atlanta (2009, 2011, 2012). I first went to Megaplex in 2013 on the advice of the wonderful artist Genesis Whitmore and I loved it so much that I've made this my must attend convention every year :) This year will be extra special as I will be bringing my older sister to her first Furry convention :)

I'm 36 years old currently and am an aspiring on-air DJ. I have my own weekly internet radio show 'Shane's Lost Hits' which I've done since early 2012 :) It airs three times a week on a site run by the broadcasting school I attended :) Hope to someday have a paying radio job :)

hi, let me introduce myself as Luna wolf, from florida never EVER been to megaplex but i really want to go, trying to figure out prices for room :( but if i can make that happen id love to meet some friends before hand! since i don't know anyone! :)

I'm a 16 year old person with a dragolf sona. I am really hoping to meet new people, but I'm quite shy. I'm going to be a volunteer this year and hope to say hey to all of you!!! My real name is Michael Williams.

Hello everyone I am Nathan and my fusonas name is NAthan Tarnung. He is a coyote and a cabinboy on a airship. This is my first convention and I am coming here as my graduation gift from my parents. I am traveling from Saint Mary's Georgia by car to the convention. I am super friendly and love to meet new people! I also hope to volunteer for a couple hours at least. The convention will just be three days after my 19th birthday so I am contemplating bringing a cake for myself and my roomies. To bad it isnt ON my birthday. THat would be a lot of fun.

hello all! im Rage. this will be my first time attending megaplex this year and first ever furry convention. i'm really nervous about going xD. hopefully the convention will be great.

Long-time lurker, first-time ’Plexer. Only three prior cons under my belt—two MFFs and an AC. Mainly looking forward to meeting in person some more of the folks I have known so far only as dots on a screen and vibrations in headphones. I’ll spend most of my con time watching things happen in the Main Ballroom, including a couple of concerts I plan to catch for the first time.

I’m also developing a twist on fursuit charades that I hope to put on at a future convention.

As for the theme, I can only hope that my thinning graying hair, cookie duster, and red Boatmen’s Bank ballcap (logo at 0:27) don’t land me in trouble with the Fashion Police. ;-)


Hey everyone my name is Jackal and this is my first time ever hearing about this con. I am a Canadian furry. And have been part of the Fandom for some time now (9yrs), and yeah nice to meet you all =^.^=

Hello, my name's Sarah, I'm a 16-year-old (17 at the time of the con) fursuit maker who lives up in Connecticut.

2016 will be my first Megaplex and second out-of-state convention, we plan on staying for a week to also take in the attractions in Orlando. I'd really love to come meet new people and make friends. :)

Well sense so many others are......I'm Liyoht, I live "near" Tampa and come to this Orlando convention for a fun weekend and of course a chance to get out of town for a few days lol

I'm Ms Strawberry. I hail from Southwest Florida. I am new to Megaplex this year. My partner( Jason) and I are new to exploring the Furry Lifestyle. We are active members of the BDSM lifestyle. We are educators within the lifestyle. We run the unofficial fetlife group about Megalex. I am a L.M.T. and Jason works in security. We are very excited to meet new friends and learn from them and share our knowledge too. Looking forward to our first Megaplex.

Kindest Regards

Ms Strawberry

Hello! I'm Flitt (real name's Stephanie) from central Florida and I only recently heard about this convention. I'm fairly new to the furry community though I've liked anthropomorphic animals for quite a long time. I'm looking to volunteer so hopefully I'll be able to meet some of you while helping out! I've attended several anime/gaming conventions throughout the state but this will be my first furry con and I'm both nervous and excited.

Hi I'm angel otherwise known as sniperwolfortiz in the gaming community or Orain in the furry/kik community. Im 15 and live in Lehigh acres Florida. If you want to talk to me or ask me something feel free to contact me on kik at sniperwolf90600. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Haha! Sorry for being so corny. I guess that's just the kind of person I am. My name is Pondy. I am a gator who loooves muscles!!! This is the 2nd convention I've registered for. I'm generally new to this whole experience, so my follow through on certain procedures might be sloppy. I hope you can all be a little patient with me. I'll try to learn the ropes fast! That's why I've pre-registered a... year in advance I believe? Is that what I just did?

First timer to Megaplex here, thanks to one of a dear friend who's helping me with accommodations, I come from NY, where the heat right now is getting me prepared for Florida in august. But on a furry note i'm a amateur artist and writer with so many characters its hard to focus on one , Have been to a few other cons in the past and five year vet of Anthrocon so do have some experience

I normally main as a Lion, Leo, or an Otter Gallows, but am known by many names, Talonsaurn is just easier to cover them all.Pretty much a lover of all species.. I'm into quite a few things but have always been a sucker for Disney, however with all of the locals to this con I'll probably end up learning more than i teach.
Goes without saying i'm painfully shy, but cons are a way to help me get out of my shell more and learn I'm not alone in my affection for furs.

Hi, I'm Vera. I live just an hour and a half from Orlando so I figured I'd finally try to go to Megaplex :) I'll be riding with my friend, SheerKhon and probably only staying Friday. But I'm excited to meet a bunch of artist friends I never met before and possibly get in on artist's alley, though I know nothing about it yet!

Well, I figured that I would be adventurous and post an introduction in here! I was pleasantly surprised to see so many other newcomers as well.

My name is Rayna (also known as Saor online) and I'm from Orlando (near the attractions and park areas). I actually work in entertainment, but not at the parks.
This will be my first time attending Megaplex as I have been debating about it for a couple of years. I'm fairly reserved, but want to make an effort to step out of that comfort zone and meet others in my area or afar that are in the community. I am your quintessential, geeky Wolf-Deer who has an obsession with various sci-fi and fantasy stories (including Star Trek so the title this year had me very amused). I am an avid commissioner with an ever-growing art collection from the amazing artists I have encountered over the years. While I do not dabble in art much myself, I do traditional work from time to time.

I have been in the Fur Fandom for roughly ten years, but primarily online at Wolfhome, Ferzu, and FurGather.

When I'm not hobbying around in the Fur communities of the internet, I am canoeing, snorkeling, camping, and exploring Florida's natural springs and rivers. I also work with birds of prey.

I'll be around the convention adorning ears, a tail, and some badges due to my current lack of suit, but I'm hoping that will change in the next couple of years. So, yeah, hopefully I can meet a few local friends and enjoy the realm that is Megaplex!

Maybe we'll meet then im yukon jack the sailor husky

Hello, the name I go by is Furrance and I currently am expecting to attend Megaplex 2017. This not only would be my first Megaplex attendance but my first furry convention in general. I only live in Orlando FL, and well I'm looking forward to the whole convention in general, I guess mainly meeting other furrys :P
yeah.... I suck at introductions :P but eh , hope to meet some of you there !


Hello! I'm Maria. I am going to the con this year, hope to see you there!
I'm a digital artist, gamer, fursuit maker and a betta breeder!
I'm fursuiting as Medic the Hyena this year. Can't wait to see all of the new people there!
*happy hyena noises* ~<3

(If you wanna look for me, here's my fursuit head. )

Hi all,

I'm a little new to Furry scene, I've been to a few conventions, but just wanted to say Hi.

Hi! While I'm new to this forum I'm not new to Megaplex, having attended a couple years ago. I miss being in a room of creative folks, so looking forward to all the art and panels that will be going on.

I'm Pyruus, I'm living in CT now, but I will be moving to Florida soon. I intend to go to Florida Tech in Melbourne as a civil engineer. I'm not sure if I will be going to Megaplex, but I don't like the idea of going alone. It does sound fun, though. If I do go, this will be my first convention, ever, hence why I'm a bit nervous and worried.

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