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The "Introduction" Thread!

Welcome! This is your opportunity to say hello and introduce yourself and to welcome others to the forums. How far do you travel to Megaplex? Is this your first time going...or your 15th? What are you most excited to see or do at the convention?

I'll start: I'm Skippy, I hail from Atlanta, Georgia, and I've been attending Megaplex since way back in 2004. During the con I'll be spending much of my time helping from behind the information desk near registration. I'm really looking forward to seeing familiar faces at Megaplex next year, and equally excited to see new ones. :)

Hi Skippy, nice to meet you! Funny enough, I'm from Georgia too! We should meet up sometime!

Oh, you. <3

Kitt's icon looks like it could devour Skippy's icon.

And your icon looks like he wants to watch. X3

Seriously though... I'm Kittrel, also from Atlanta, because I'm engaged to that adorable fox up there. :) 2014 was my first Megaplex and I'm super excited to do it again! I work on the con book, along with other graphic-designy stuff as needed. I'll also be helping keep an eye on these forums!

I like to be silly. I also love fursuiting and art and various crafts. And pets, especially doggies. Our dog Rudy is my best buddy!

Hello all!

I'm jumping aboard this whole introduction thing. My name is Inukaza, and I'm from around Orlando. This next year will be my fourth year at Megaplex, and it seems like it was just yesterday that I attended my first Megaplex. Ya'll find me in the Game Room most of the con. I'm super excited to meet new people and gain new friends. :)

Inukaza, your icon is so kyooooot. :3

Hello everyone! The name is Alakai! I live in the wonderful city, well south of, Clermont, FL! This year was my 3rd Megaplex and my very first year as the Assistant Lead in A/V. So most of the time you will find me in the Main Ballroom or setting up other areas requiring our A/V services! I already can't wait till next year with the GOH's we're going to have and everything in general!! Can't wait to see familiar faces again next year!

Might as well jump in as well!

I'm Blitz, or Blitzen, or Roo, or "Doing" (or whatever ya'll usually call me XD) I live just down the street from the convention now in beautiful Orlando, FL! My first Megaplex that I attended was 2008 - Heroes and Villains!, the last one that was in Jacksonville, FL :3 During the con I'll be running around like crazy working programming, so if you ever have any questions or need something for a panel/performance/meet & greet, hit me up! :)

And to help round out the group here.

I'm Nyghtpanthyr! I love just south and west of Orlando in a small town known as Venice. I have been coming to megaplex since 2011-12. The arcade was my first attending as a super sponsor. I ended up working as a volunteer in the suite so much I was told I should just go for staff so I did and here I am. Hospitality team 4 life yo! I work with Grylor, Takala, and Shy to make the suite the best at any con ever!! Even when I'm "off duty" in the suite you will still find me roaming about in staff gear helping where I can so I can see more of the con. Wether it's behind the AV desk watching and learning how things work, to helping the DJs setup, to helping with setup and tear down. You'll almost always find me there!

I do this for fun and to make this the best con out there. It's also the only con I can currently attend due to work issues and vacations.

So if you see me around, say hi and hang out a while!!

Hello! I'm Tor-Por, a purple North American porcupine currently living in NC. (Man, am I lost.) I read tarot cards--not for divination but to facilitate meaningful conversation. I've never been to Megaplex. I'm currently building my first fursuit (the most difficult task I've ever voluntarily undertaken). If I can remain focused, I would love to debut it in Orlando.

Sweet! Good luck with the fursuit! I tried that myself a number of years ago for my second Megaplex, and its hard! Keep the focus and it'll turn out great!

Where in North Carolina you from? I have family up there :3

Thank you very much for the encouragement!! :3 Despite my glacial pace, the foam base for the head is 70% complete. Occasionally, I can see glimmers of potential super-cuteness. Moments like that keep my spirits up during the error part of all of this trial-and-error stuff. Kind, enthusiastic words from friendly furs like you are an enormous help!

I'm originally from Gastonia, went to college in Greenville (ECU, Go Pirates! X-P ) and finally wound up in Charlotte. Do you come to NC often to visit your family members here?

I'm up there at least once a year :3 They live up in Granite Falls, just north of Hickory. We also have a cabin we go visit usually around Thanksgiving over in the Chimney Rock/Lake Lure area :3

Some family members and a few dear friends have lived in Hickory. Although most of them have passed away, I still have fond memories of the place. Back in the late 1970's, my parents loved to travel to Gatlinburg TN. (Okay, I loved it, too. I was too young at the time to be able to identify a tourist trap, even when I was standing in the middle of one.) We always stopped in the Chimney Rock area as we were either coming or going.
The next time you make a journey to the north, please have a safe trip and enjoy your visit. :3

Is your fursuit of your main fursona? Don't see many porcupine fursuits usually! Would be cool to see one in Orlando :)

I have had a fursuit for 6 years now (yikes) and he is in dire need of a makeover. Never worked up the confidence (or patience) to try making a fursuit on my own though.

Hello skippyfox! Tor-Por is my one and only fursona. I don't know why, but I never considered any alternatives. If I had thought about the logistics of translating the character into 3D suit form, however, I might have gone with a nice fluffy anthropomorphized throw pillow fursona. Two squares of faux fur, four seams, a little padding and DONE. But then I would have looked like a wayward chorus boy from the touring company of "Beauty & the Beast."
I have limited con experience, but I'm not really surprised that fursuit makers (amateur and professional) haven't built many porcupines. I suspect that the demand would be low. The majority of fursonas are adorable, huggable versions of beautiful creatures that everyone either loves (dogs, foxes, cats) or at least fearfully respects (wolves, lions, tigers). And how DOES one replicate those quills? They have to be safe and pliable, so that the suiter can mingle amongst other furries without impaling anyone. The wearer also has to be able to temporarily remove them from the body in order to clean the suit. I don't have the answers, but I can't allow myself to dwell on what I don't know or I'll give up. As I mentioned above, my current goal is to finish sculpting the head base. Next, I get to learn how to sew!
Even though your suit isn't new, it will be new to those, like me, who haven't had the opportunity to bask in its cuteness. :-) Who built it? Why did you commission that particular builder? How stressful was the experience overall?

You're right about the quills being a challenge, but I do think porcupines are cute enough to warrant a stronger fursuit presence than they have. (Along with beavers, hedgehogs, and other tiny woodland critters.)

My fursuit may be new to you, but the fur is matted and it has been showing a good deal of wear. :) It was built by Kodipup, who I picked out because his suits looked cute, they were relatively cheap, the turnaround was quick, and he was recommended by a friend. I don't think the experience was stressful. As long as you remember that there are realistic limitations that are going to get in the way of a commissioned suit looking exactly the way you pictured it in your head, and are going with a reliable artist, then you'll be ok. At worst there will be communication issues, which tends to happen a lot with art commissions in the fandom, but nothing happened worth writing home about.

Thank you for your illuminating and articulate response to my questions. I'm also grateful for your remark about porcupines. The more I learn about them, umm, us, the deeper my love and admiration grows.

I forgot to inquire about your fursonas. Since you asked me if Tor-Por is my main character, I have to assume that you have more than one. How many? Do they serve different purposes? Do they manifest distinctive, contradictory aspects of yourself? Or is it as simple as, "Hey, it's fun!"

I have another very important question. I attended FWA for the first time in 2011. I was only there for a few hours on a Saturday night, but I enjoyed myself. Later that year I went to Anthrocon. The experience was so humiliating that I didn't see any reason to ever waste money on con attendance again. (I'm quite a bit older than the majority of the fandom, so I was essentially invisible for four days.) Over time, I missed the spectacle of fursuiters so badly that I tried FWA again this year. The results were only slightly better than Anthrocon (one successful Tor-Por badge commission, plus one hug from one fursuiter).
I get the vibe that Megaplex welcomes well-behaved furries of all descriptions, including *gulps audibly* graymuzzles. Is that the case? PLEASE correct me if I am mistaken.

My main fursona is Skippy and my fursuit character is Vin the fox. They're both foxes because that's what I identify with the most. I created a separate character for fursuiting because I didn't think my main fursona would work well as a fursuit - mainly the proportions wouldn't really fit. Skippy's more of an identity and Vin is definitely here to have fun. :)

I'm sorry to hear you had a bad time at Anthrocon. Each furry con has similarities and differences compared to others. People of all ages are welcomed at most of them. As are fursuit hugs - just ask if you can get a hug and they'll open their arms wide. :)

Now I understand why you would be concerned about signs of wear on your suit. You're Vin the fox! With that adorable and iconic purple bow tie! Wow. 8-) I had no idea that I've been corresponding with a beloved fursuiting celebrity. More than just super-cute, you are an amazing performer. I know that I should reel in the enthusiasm and be cool, but you've delighted so many furries, in person and online. Thank you for the numerous times you warmed my heart.

Even with ten months to prepare my own suit, I can't predict that I'll finish Tor-Por in time for the next Megaplex. I'm also aware that anything can happen between now and then to disrupt my travel plans. For the time being, however, I'm looking forward to July 2015 and having the opportunity to meet you in person. When that happens, I'll try to avoid acting like a starstruck doofus. :-)

That's very nice of you to say! I assure you I am just a person. You're certainly welcome to say hi at the convention. I'll be more free in the evenings - staffing will be keeping me busy during the daytime. I read that you might be interested in volunteering - you should fill out a form on our Volunteer page so that Amythest can get in touch with you about helping out. :) Thanks!

Hey Tor-Por, nice to meet ya! :)

Good luck with your fursuit building. I made my fursuit, Brie the mouse, and it was a long learning process but also a really rewarding experience. There's something awesome about bringing your character to life all on your own! Take your time and have fun with your creation. :)

As for con experiences... I kinda know what you mean about first cons being lonely and awkward. Mine was AC and I was only 18 or 19 at the time, I went with my then-boyfriend and we didn't know a single soul and felt really lost (AC was way tinier back then too, but still overwhelming for a newbie!). I gave cons another shot and had a great time once I met some people online to meet up with and hang out with. Another great way to feel part of the con is splitting a room with someone - I have gotten to know folks a lot better that way! But of course you have to be a bit selective and work out expectations ahead of time or it could turn into a room disaster. :P I've always had good experiences myself, but I always communicated with folks well and of course made sure our personalities matched up (I'm not a partier, so though I may be friends with partiers, I'm not gonna room with one!)

Another good way to meet folks is to volunteer of course. :3

Sorry for rambling! I do that sometimes.

It's a pleasure to meet you, too, Kittrel. :-)

I see within an earlier post that you are a graphic designer. During my college days ("when knighthood was in flower"), I majored in illustration. I didn't pursue it as a career--for reasons that don't belong on a furry convention forum--but I've been doing pre-press for a printing company for over thirty years.

Thank you for wishing me luck on the fursuit construction adventure. I agree with your comment about the excitement and satisfaction of taking on the challenge oneself. I had minimal 3D experience when I began (and zero experience with foam or fabric). Adjusting the proportions of a reference drawing into something that could be functionally wearable was the first hurdle. Then, the sculpt. Sheesh. At times, the process seemed only slightly less chaotic than throwing a couple of handfuls of foam bits and some glue sticks at the wall and hoping something stuck together that sort of resembled the head of a toony prorcupine. :-) And foam is...a willful thing. If I had not dug down deep and summoned the determination to tame that will, however, I would not have the appreciation for gussets that I have today. :-) I'm just grateful the head finally exhibits some of the cuteness potential I had hoped to see.

I appreciate your commiseration about first-time furry con woes. Just recently, I've heard others tell similar stories about how intimidating (and ultimately unsatisfying) the Anthrocon experience can be for shy neophytes. I won't rule out a return trip to Pittsburgh, but definitely not before I complete my suit. I'll also wait until I can go with a dear, courageous friend (who is currently not free to travel).
I think your suggestion of volunteering at a con is an EXCELLENT idea. In fact, I intend to volunteer at the next Megaplex...if I have any skill that the staff can use. :3

Hi I'm Xeven. I'm from Florida and I will be assisting the A/V team this year.

I have well over 10 years experience in audio production, electro-acoustic synthesis, and electronic music performance.
I have had many solo musical projects over the years and continue to produce many genres of music, however I have let the performance aspect take a back seat to my day job due to time constraints.
This will be my first Megaplex, and while I am not myself an anthropomorphic enthusiast, I look forward to doing everything I can to make the audio aspect of this convention as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

Hello everyone **waves** I'm Amythest and I currently live in Fort Myers with my mate Torien, BUT we will be moving to Orlando in October next year. YAY!!! I have been attending Megaplex since 2011. You can normally find me running around the con helping any way I can. If you ever have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to tell me and together we will find an answer or resolution. I can't wait till next years Con and I look forward to meeting new friends and seeing all the familiar faces.

It is a pleasure to meet you, Amythest. Are you the same Amythest that skippyfox mentioned who is in charge of coordinating the volunteer force? As we get closer to next year's event, I'll be submitting my name to the volunteer list. Before I complete the form, I need to make an honest assessment of my strengths (dependability, stability and sobriety for example) and weaknesses (reticence and an unintentional "do not hug" know *shrugs* porcupine and all). I hope that I can somehow be a worthwhile asset to your team.

Hello Tor-Por, it is nice to meet you. Yup I am the same Amythest Skippy was talking about. We are always in need of wonderful volunteers to help with the convention. I would love to have you on the team. I look forward to reading your application and working with you next year.

My fur name is Zula, some know me as Madame Zula the Seer. I am a Gypsy fortune teller. My character is a Panther and she is Purple and black. She has rune markings on her arms. She Is caring and there for all her friends. I just moved to Florida from Colorado, and I am looking for some furry friends to hang out with, and get to know the community here. I am in Ocala so I am not close enough to be with the Orlando furs. I hope to meet some new friends.

Hi Zula! Nice to meet ya! I'm in Georgia, so not a local but I look forward t seeing you at Megaplex! :) Your panther character sounds really neat, do you have a pic? Purple is one of my favorite colors! Hope you are enjoying the warm weather in Florida, must be a big difference from CO.

Yay!!! Another panther! But you're all the way in Ocala and I'm south of Tampa! Why must fate be so cruel*laugh*. Seriously, welcome to the boards and I hope to see you at next years convention!

Hey everyone! I'm Safiel, some of my friends call me Saf for short. I'm 28(29 in 9 days) and from Sarasota, FL. This year will be my first Megaplex.....and my first con actually! I'm a little nervous to be honest. Just came out to a few of my friends as a furry. No fursuit yet but im looking to commission one next fall/winter. I look forward to meeting new faces and making friends. I might be a little shy at first, but i usually warm up after a while ^_^. See you all this summer!

Hiya Saf! I'm Blitz, and I know the feeling about being nervous with your first con, especially with it being Megaplex :3 Just be yourself and have fun ^^ Out of experience, you'll start to open up and just go with the flow and enjoy yourself!

So you're in Sarasota? I tend to go down there a few weekends during the year to visit some very close friends who went to Ringling there :3 Hope you have a great time at Megaplex and I'll make sure you get a hug if I see ya! ^^ Welcome to the fandom!

Hello Safiel! Nice to meet a more local fur!! I'm just south of you in Venice, but I work in North Sarasota/Bradenton area(Mall at UTC). We have a bunch of furs in the area. Look up Sarasota County Furs on FA, I think it's still there. If not I can try to find the group again. I only know them from the conventions and can't remember all the names.

If you decide to be a sponsor at the Con, come on up and say hi to me in the Suite. I'm almost always in there keeping things going(Even when my fellow staff say to get lost and enjoy the con! lol)

Hey Everyone! I'm Stryder!

Where to begin... Erm.. I'm a 22 year old from Scotland! I was "officially" introduced into the fandom back in 2008 and have a degree in Audio Engineering. Besides that, there are two things that I LOVE and have passion for; 1. Electronic Dance Music - You know.. the 'noisy stuff' that you hear in the clubs; House, Electro, Techno, DNB Etc.. But I also love the old skool disco type stuff too! 2. Radio - There's a long story behind the reason of "why I find the radio industry 'Interesting". I would love to go on about it here, but I'll end up taking over half of this page whilst doing so... ANYWAY!! I'm 'very' excited to be attending Megaplex this year, as it'll be my first 'american' furcon! I also have Aspergers Syndrome, so please don't be offended if I come across as rude (no eye contact at times) or shy (quiet).

Bring it on!!

Welcome Stryder :) So I have a radio industry story to share, if it interests you. (But only the one.)

10 years ago when I was living near Philadelphia my favorite radio station (playing alternative / "new" rock) suddenly disappeared and it created a pretty big uproar locally. What happened was media company Radio One decided to switch to an urban format after reviewing Arbitron ratings, and in doing so killed off the only alternative rock station in the region.

A few local furs and I were avid listeners and were saddened by the sudden disappearance of our favorite station. I participated with hundreds of other listeners in what was dubbed the "Protestival" - a protest on the steps of the Art Museum in the hopes of getting a radio company to revive the station.

It survived for a while in a much smaller form as an internet radio station and was eventually made into a special programming block on some other station. In the end, classic rock station WMMR adjusted their format to include more modern rock and picked up morning show hosts Preston & Steve (after they took Radio One to court over a non-compete agreement that should have been voided since they were no longer in competition) and I assume most listeners adjusted.

The whole ordeal was messy and sad, and I see it as an example of why pre-1996 US government restrictions on radio companies are needed, since without them we end up with an oligopoly of few companies favoring a few "sure hit" formats instead of yielding more versatile airwaves as was originally intended. And that is the extent of my knowledge on the matter. XD


Thanks for sharing! I have a similar story, which involves a very big radio group in the UK called "This is Global" (Global Radio) -known for the Heart FM & Capital FM brands. Like the CBS local stations in america, they have tight playlists and their presenters hardly say a thing or two.. I believe you guys have a couple of their stations in Orlando.. Magic 106? (forgot the other one). But anyway, over in the UK, we had another station that was previously owned by Chrysalis Radio called Galaxy FM. When Global (GCap) bought the Chrysalis group out in 2007, they had control over two similar formats.. Capital FM (Original one in London) and Galaxy 105 (Yorkshire). They decided that with Galaxy, they would rebrand a few other radio stations across the UK to form the Galaxy Radio network - taking nearly every single programming from Yorkshire (excluding local breakfast and drivetime/home run shows). When the network was being put together, up in scotland, we had a radio station called XFM (Alternative/Indie station owned by Global) which wasn't doing too well. As the FM output was for a "dance/rock" format station, they switched it from XFM to Galaxy. XFM recently returned, but mainly took programming from London. However, once Galaxy FM launched in Scotland, I was introduced to the specialist dance shows that were on during the weekends. I remember accidentally flicking on the station to hear some top 40 stuff and instead got some pretty decent house music! A few years down the line, Global's plan to rebrand the original Capital had failed. The reason behind this was that the advertisers didn't want to do business with them if they got rid of the first ever commercial radio station in London. So unfortunately, they reversed the Galaxy network and rebranded them all as Capital. This means that our dance shows were narrowed down from around 24 hours worth per week, to under 12! (currently nothing!) The playlist went from pretty good, to pretty darn repetitive!! I got annoyed.. Did my research and there you have it! That's how I became interested in both dance music and radio stuff!

Uh right! I'm Shard! Or Matt. Either works. I'm from a small town west of Tallahassee! I'm 20...21 by the time Megaplex rolls around! I haven't been to a furry convention so this will be a first for me! I'm not exactly sure if its similar to an anime con. I've been to three of those. Regardless! I'm nervous xD So many people. But yeah! I'm bad at introductions. :p I wanted to visit last year since it was on the weekend as AFO. Sadly i got distracted that entire weekend! Hopefully I'll come to megaplex for an entire weekend. Seeing as I'm PRETTY shy. I'll be in the game room most of the time. c: I'm rambling. I'll stop. xD

Hey shard! Your not the only one who's nervous. It will be my first con too! We can be nervous together. Maybe ill bump into you in the game room :D

Yeah! I do enjoy some games! I barely go to panels xD

Hiya Shard! It's perfectly fine to be nervous at your first con :3 However, you picked a good one to start with :3 We're not that big and its a great chance to meet other fuzzies who may be from you area as well :) Also, I hope you enjoy the game room this year! We're looking to expand it a bit with some new offerings (like the new Smash Bros ;) ) if you're interested. Also, if you have any recommendations of what you'd like to see in the game room, give us a holler :)
-Blitz Fourpaws

no worries on the shy thing, it will go away pretty fast. Last years MegaPlex was my first furry con and I am pretty shy as well, along with being extremely uncomfortable in large crowds. but being around loads of people into the same things I found myself making tons of new friends and the shyness melted away after about an hour or so. I'm sure you'll fit right in.

ReedyCreek here. Exited german pony who is visiting Megaplex for the first time (after nearly endless visits in the Orlando area ;-) ).
Looking forward to meet everyone.

We've got a lot of German furs coming again this year! Hopefully you have a great time <3

Hello there! This is Allon the Cookie Dragon here, bringer of sweets and fudge and goodies.

Looking forward to Megaplex once again! I come from Jacksonville Florida and my First Megaplex was when it was back in Jacksonville, then I missed a few, but I've been solid for I think like the past four years or so? I've been very happy with the convention and really enjoying it a LOT!

Looking forward to this years convention, seeing old friends, and hopefully making new ones.

I know I had talked about and debated joining staff, or at least applying, but I just get myself all worried on applying... Even though I should! Good seeing so many already here and hoping to see and meet many at Megaplex this year. Anyone have any requests for cookie flavors or fudge flavors to bring? Any ideas for something to fit the theme? (Black and White cookies, maybe!)

Can I make a recommendation? Star-shaped cookies! Like Sheriff stars <3

As a porcupine, I tend to crave salty over sweet, but I'll admit that I'm one freshly-baked oatmeal raisin cookie away from any and all kinds of mischief. I would suggest cupcakes with small files sticking out of the tops of them, but that's a cliché...and kind of gross. Just add plenty of raisins to whatever you choose to make, please. Raisins make everything 1,000,000 times better.

I just moved to Orlando, so will be my fist Megaplex as a local! woo!

also hi I'm Glowsheep.


Same'll be my first Megaplex as a local. Well, relatively. I am less half the distance that I used to be from Orlando. I'm in Atlanta. XD

Crimson Fhang here, or just Crimson for short, I'm from Daytona Beach FL and 2014 was my first MegaPlex and also my first furry con. I had known about MegaPlex from back when it was in Jacksonville but was never able to get to one before, usually because of work as I was in the Army.

I am really looking forward to MegaPlex this year since I had such a good time last year, like so many others would say "I didn't want to leave"
if you see a bald guy with a full beard walking around in Vibram toe shoes carrying a Canon SLR camera shooting just about everything he sees, feel free to say hi, I don't bite.