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Themed Costumes?

So, we have lots of time to prepare, but I thought maybe now would be a good time to start thinking of and looking for some costume ideas since the Halloween gear is out! Does anyone have plans to theme up their fursuit, or to costume out of suit?

I'm not sure whether I want Brie to be a cop or a robber. I think mice would probably make better robbers since they sneak around and steal munchies. :3 But she would be the wimpiest thief out there - if someone caught her she'd probably give back whatever she took and give the person a hug. XD

Mice steal cheese!
And foxes steal chickens.
We just have to stick together and watch out for the guard dogs. And cats.

Hey now... We have cat burglars as well. Just because is rather have the cool police toys doesn't mean I don't have a dark side to me*grin*

The mice at my workplace come in nightly and gnaw the ends off of our bars of Ivory soap. XP What kind of teeny tiny monkey would a mouse have to have on its back to compel it to pilfer and eat hand soap? Gross.

I'm actually going a bit skewed for costume ideas this year - since it's cops and robbers, and both have to deal with lawyers, I'm going to try to go as a Lawyer :) If my suit is done before MP next year, it will rock <3

working on a judge costume for agthorn

Nice! I like both the judge and lawyer ideas.

working on a judge costume for agthorn

I thought about an oriental warrior costume for FWA and a robbers costume for Megaplex, but costumes, at least good costumes take time to make and cost money.
I just decided to go as Yena, the medieval knight, he will basically just have one costume as a knight.
I do however have a nice African outfit, lol.

Haha would wearing my trench coat and a fedora count XD. Of course my fursona is a detective ^^

I have a steampunk western outfit I have made and am contemplating bringing it. I dont have a suit so of course it will just be me all human like. I could go either way as if I want to be a villain or a cop. I think there are going to be a lot more baddies so I will try an enforce the law by being a sheriff of sorts.

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