Orlando, FL   August 4th - 6th, 2017

Megaplex, Florida's Furry Convention

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What is Megaplex?

Since 2002, Florida's furry arts and entertainment convention has brought interactive fun and performance to Central and North Florida.

Megaplex's mission is to "provide for our membership a celebration of interactive arts and performance, with a primary focus on anthropomorphics and fantasy." Megaplex's programming focuses on a variety of arts and performances, from fursuiting, costuming and puppetry, to improvisational art and music. The convention has featured live concerts from professional a cappella groups, musicals, rock bands, and more.

The wide range of events at Megaplex traditionally includes performances by the Funday PawPet Show, Uncle Kage's Story Hour, Mascot Games, improv games, karaoke, live music, dances, stand-up comedy, and various panels hosted by our attendees, along with new content unique to each year. Throughout the weekend we also offer a Dealers Room and Artist Alley, and tabletop and video game rooms. Costuming, especially fursuiting, is very popular at Megaplex, and we have amenities for costumers including a "headless" lounge and photo shoot.

Each year Megaplex raises money to benefit The C.A.R.E. Foundation, whose speakers talk about the local wildlife and abused pets they help rescue, and they usually bring along a few of their animal friends.

Come join us this year and be a part of the fun! Megaplex XVI will be held on Aug 4 - Aug 6, 2017, at the SeaWorld Double Tree, Orlando, FL. This year's theme is "MegaQuest: The Wrath of Con", an ode to Space Comedies.


A Furry Con?

Furry cons—conventions for fans of "furry" characters—have been around since the beginning of the 1990s, and are growing larger and more numerous every year. The "furry fandom" centers on fictional animal characters with anthropomorphic, or humanlike, characteristics. These can be the characters you see in movies, comics, Saturday Morning cartoons and commercials. They can also be mascot characters, puppets, or literary characters. Creative fans commonly have furry characters conjured from their own imaginations, and share their creations by way of all types of art and performance. Costumed characters (usually called "fursuits") abound at furry conventions, interacting with attendees and with each other, and Megaplex is no exception!

A very detailed article about the furry fandom can be found on WikiFur.com.

Interested in learning more about furry conventions? Check out these fur cons around the world:

  • EuroFurence
  • What the Fur
  • Biggest Little Fur Con

Megaplex Archives

We've been documenting the history of Megaplex year by year so thoroughly that it needs its own separate webpage: The Megaplex Archives.

The archives have a nearly comprehensive history of the convention since 2002, complete with attendance and parade numbers, videos of main events, artwork created for the convention, our themed website from each year, and galleries of photos and videos submitted by attendees. You can share your own photos or videos with the world, by submitting them to the archives!

Meet Pounce the Panther

Meet Megaplex's official mascot, Pounce! Pounce is a Florida Panther, the endangered subspecies of cougar residing in the swamps of Florida. You'll see him often at Megaplex, in costume per the con theme, wandering the hallways, or as part of some of our main events. He's very outgoing and loves meeting new people, so if you see him, be sure to say hello!

As we get closer to this year's convention, this section will contain some of the teasers and promo spots for Megaplex 2015, starring Pounce himself!

Pawpet Live Experience Inc.

Pawpet Live Experience Inc. is a class C corporation operating out of the State of Florida.

The Board of Directors for PLEx Inc. are:

President: Randy Fox yappyfoxatmegaplexcon.org
Vice President: Erik Johansen hinoatmegaplexcon.org
Treasurer: Kyle D Bergeron wolfpacatmegaplexcon.org
Secretary: Matthew Pence stitchatmegaplexcon.org
Board: John Cole kpatmegaplexcon.org
Board: Paul Hahn scoobyatmegaplexcon.org
Board: Brian Williams brillatmegaplexcon.org

Our Staff & Contact Info

This convention would not be possible without the tireless efforts of our dedicated staff.
If you can't find the department you're looking for below, send your comments to our general feedback address:


Art mp-artatmegaplexcon.org
Art Lead:
  • Blitz
  • kuddlepup
Audio/Visual mp-avatmegaplexcon.org
Audio/Visual Director:
  • stitch
Audio/Visual Assistant Lead:
  • Alakai
Audio/Visual Staff:
  • Albedo
  • Furry_Crew_Chief
  • Kida
  • Kirkkal
  • Metric
  • mikey19618
  • RexWusky
  • Romeo Rabbit
  • Scooby
  • sparkyhuski
  • sugio
  • yappyfox
Charity mp-charityatmegaplexcon.org
Charity Auction Lead:
  • stitch
Dealers Den mp-dealersatmegaplexcon.org
Dealers Den Lead:
  • gen
Dealers Den Staff:
  • hmseagle
Hospitality mp-hospitalityatmegaplexcon.org
Hospitality Suite Lead:
  • Shymatsi
Hospitality Suite Staff:
  • Mchoraji
  • Nyghtpanthyr
  • Starallon
I.T. mp-itatmegaplexcon.org
IT Director:
  • hino
IT Lead:
  • Digiroo
IT Staff:
  • Torien
  • tristanwolfhawk
Logistics mp-logisticsatmegaplexcon.org
Logistics Lead:
  • Scooby
Logistics Staff:
  • reese
Photography mp-photoatmegaplexcon.org
Photography Lead:
  • Tsuka
Photography Staff:
  • jasperblue
  • Tokon
  • Tonka
Programming mp-programmingatmegaplexcon.org
Programming Lead:
  • Cosmik
  • Puck
Programming Assistant:
  • wolfsangel
Master of Ceremonies:
  • kuddlepup
Programming Staff:
  • KitchFox
  • Raithian
  • Reyyn
Dance Track mp-danceatmegaplexcon.org
Dance Lead:
  • Nanook.MoonSong
Dance Competition mp-dancecompatmegaplexcon.org
Dance Competition Lead:
  • TyFusky
Dance Competition Staff:
  • ZaphanKelgoris
Fursuit Track mp-fursuitatmegaplexcon.org
Fursuit Track Lead:
  • Nanook.MoonSong
Fursuit Track Staff:
  • TacoFox
Karaoke Track
Karaoke Lead:
  • Kryos
Promotions mp-promotionsatmegaplexcon.org
Promotions Lead:
  • kuddlepup
Promotions Staff:
  • JasonLontra
  • wildwolf
Publications mp-publicationsatmegaplexcon.org
Publications Lead:
  • Kittrel
Registration mp-registrationatmegaplexcon.org
Registration Lead:
  • bracebear
  • yappyfox
Registration Staff:
  • Brejar
  • CampionL
  • GinoDaHusky
  • reese
Security mp-securityatmegaplexcon.org
Security Director:
  • Wolfpac
Security Lead:
  • Kiku Otter
Security Assistant Lead:
  • johnhz12
  • Urson
Security Staff:
  • CaliberS
  • cooldog144
  • Cyshie
  • Horus
  • joshuastrive
  • knine1469
  • Medicwalf
  • Nataku
  • Nathan Tarnung
  • Orion the Lunatross
  • RIOT
  • Sasta
  • SoundCaster
  • Uriel
  • Voight
  • Voldigar
Video Game Room mp-gamingatmegaplexcon.org
Gaming Track Lead:
  • Kawanii
Gaming Track Assistant:
  • Demet
Gaming Track Staff:
  • GusJustGus1
  • Mina Tomoe
  • Modesto525
  • TakuaWotter
Volunteers mp-volunteersatmegaplexcon.org
Volunteers Lead:
  • Ixxi
Volunteer Staff:
  • Ixxi
Website mp-websiteatmegaplexcon.org
Website Lead:
  • hino
Website Staff:
  • Kittrel
  • yappyfox


Leaving Feedback

If you attended Megaplex in 2016 and you haven't taken part in our survey, please do! The more feedback we can get about what we did right and what we did wrong, the better we can prepare for the coming year.


Thanks for your input!