COVID-19 2021 FAQ

Megaplex has always, and will continue, to work hard to try and ensure the safety of our attendees. We ask that before continuing you read the information we posted on our Covid-19 Info page.


Will Megaplex be requiring proof of vaccination?
No. In compliance with Florida Governor Executive order 21-81, which prohibits us from requiring proof of vaccination, Megaplex will not be requiring vaccination though we do strongly recommend it if you are eligible. Even if this order is rescinded, vaccination cards have proven to be easily falsified and extremely difficult to verify. We feel that enforcing this measure it could actually harm the safety of our attendees rather that help.


Will Megaplex be conducting temperature checks?
No. As our event is during the hottest time of the year in Florida and the proclivity of our attendees to dawn big fluffy carpets, while bouncing around like a certain orange character with a spring like tail, the likelihood that a temperature check would provide an accurate assessment of a person’s health is low. Attendees should monitor their health and quarantine and seek medical attention if they, or those sharing their room, display covid like symptoms.


If masks are no longer required by local or federal authorities will Megaplex still require them for 2021?
Yes. As masks are widely considered one of the first lines of defense and contribute to the safety of others many are basing their decision to attend on a firm mask requirement so we believe that we needed to make a firm decision on this early. Our updated mask policy can be found here


Can I take photos with or hug fursuiters/attendees?
While interactions with anyone at the con requires mutual-consent, we highly recommend a contact-free experience.


How is the Dealer's Den affected?
Dealer’s tables/booths will be spaced further apart and the aisles increased in size. While we have put the Dealer's Den in a larger space the number of dealers slots available is still reduced. The reduction will be in line with the attendance cap which should still give a good attendee to dealer ratio.


Will additional dealers be selected if slots are available?
At this time we have already opened and closed our dealer application process for this year.


I was on the waitlist for a Dealer slot in 2020. Do I still need to apply for a dealer slot this year?
Yes. We received a lot of complaints from dealers who did not get a slot in 2020 due to how quickly the slots filled. Many made suggestions on how we could better accommodate our fandom. The most common suggestion was to move away from a first come first serve model and towards a juried application model. We successfully ran our Jurry selection for 2021. At this time no further applications are being permitted.


How is the Artist Alley affected?
Artist Alley slots will still be half tables however there will only be 1 slot per table. Tables will be spaced so that there are 6ft between slots. As you can imagine this cuts the available slots down significantly but will allow for better safety. With the number of slots being reduced all slots will be available for prepurchase. Those who transferred their registration from 2020 and had reserved slot(s) Still have their slots. If any slots are available at-con they will be raffled off at the beginning of each morning as has been done in the past.


If I register for this year and am unable to attend what happens?
Those who purchased their attendance for an in person 2020 or 2021 Megaplex and are unable to attend in 2021 will automatically receive a coupon of their purchase price towards 2022.


I attended Megaplex Online and paid full price for it. How do I receive my discount towards 2021?
If you paid the full $15 for Megaplex Online 2020 you are entitled to a $10 discount towards the in person 2021 convention. E-mails have already been sent out to eligible individuals with instructions on how to claim this discount.


Will I be able to register at the con?
At this time, No. Our ability to follow our safety policies and procedures depends on our ability to know how many people will be attending. We will continue to monitor our staffing levels as well as availability of safety and sanitization products and may be able to offer limited at-con registration capabilities but at this time do not plan on it.


Will Dance passes or Single Day tickets be available?
No. As we are having to limit attendance and as our at-con registration capabilities will be extremely limited, if available at all, we cannot offer day or dance passes at this time. Additionally, Single day tickets introduce a level of complexity while limiting attendance that unfortunately is currently beyond our capability to address at this time.


Did my hotel room reservation get transferred to this year?
No. All hotel room reservations booked as part of our room blocks were canceled for 2020.


What is the hotel doing to keep attendees safe during the pandemic?
The hotel has posted this information on the Caribe Royale website.


Will Megaplex be offering an online convention as well?
Actually, this is something we are working on currently. Our goal will be to allow those at home and in person to interact. There are many hurdles to overcome but, if we are able to work everything out, we will have a paid online option.


Does Megaplex still need staff?
Like our attendees, our staff are also having to make a decision on if they are comfortable being at an in-person convention this year. If you are willing to staff in person we can certainly use your help, so please consider joining our staff. More information can be found at Join Our Team.


How is Megaplex doing financially and how can I help?
As expected, the past year has been difficult at best. Funds are low but we still want to bring you the Megaplex you have come to know and love for years to come. Even if we successfully have an in-person convention this year the impact of the last year will be felt long after. If your able, please consider donating to us so that we can keep the con going at the level our attendees have come to expect. Remember, Florida United Furry Fandom, Inc. is a 501c3 Public Charity and as such any donations are tax deductible.


Can I still donate to the C.A.R.E. Foundation even if I am not attending in person?
The C.A.R.E. Foundation is dependent on all of us and like us has been affected by this pandemic. We have set up a way to donate through us. If you go to the donate button above you can designate your donation for C.A.R.E. and we will make sure it gets to them.